• Easy Nail Art Hacks, Tips and Tricks For The Cutest Manicure Ever

    Everything seems easy by looking at pictures of nail art on the Internet or watching the nail technicians, but doing it myself is a whole other thing. Some people out there have gotten so good at nail art that the whole thing has become seriously intimidating. However lots of us left sitting there, wondering if I really want to spend that long on my nails just to have them chip a few days later. Well, I’ve found some seriously easy and quick guides on nail art that are ...

  • The Shades of Blonde Guide for Ombre and Balayage

    The Shades of Blonde Guide for Ombre and BalayageThis guide is perfect for that client looking for caramel who really wants rose. Why not try a difference colour for this autumn. Changes are good!

  • 10 Chic Pixie Haircuts: Which One Suits You Best?

    For a lot of women,the pixie cut is new and stylish . Many celebrities say goodbye with their long hair and choose the chic short hairstyle and then there are more and more followers who make long hairstyle out of fashioned. The splendid haircut is not only suitable for the young women, but also mature women.The pixie cut can be styled in many ways. Some women love to mix it with a long one. A lot of women choose the short cut on one side and leaving the other side lo...

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