Everything seems easy by looking at pictures of nail art on the Internet or watching the nail technicians, but doing it myself is a whole other thing. Some people out there have gotten so good at nail art that the whole thing has become seriously intimidating. However lots of us left sitting there, wondering if I really want to spend that long on my nails just to have them chip a few days later.

Well, I’ve found some seriously easy and quick guides on nail art that are actually doable. These tips don’t look super complicated, but the result will… and it will also look amazing. Unfortunately most of these nail art would work better with nail polishes only, not gel colours which is a shame!

Use tape and scissors to get a jagged edge look going on

make tape part of your nail art but cutting it to fit

use tape to get a double stripe on your nails

Instead of trying to maneuver a sponge, use an old small makeup brush to literally brush glitter on your nails for an ombre look.

use a bobby pin to make larger polka dots.

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