There are several influential factors that need to be seriously considered before you choose your new hairstyle:

Maintenance –       How often will you need to get your hair cut to keep on top of the style?

Time –                     How much time are you willing to spend styling your hair?

Products/Budget - Are you willing to style your hair with hair products? Leading on from this, are you prepared to invest good

                               money in purchasing the exact products you need to recreate the look at home to the same standard?

Equipment –           Are you open to using a hairdryer or maybe straighteners to keep the style looking its best?

Personal Style –    What kind of clothes do you wear and how would you describe your personal style? There is probably no point

                               opting for an edgy, rockabilly-inspired slicked-back undercut if you like to dress timeless and refined at all times.

Job –                       Is your haircut smart/practical enough for work?

This may seem like quite a big list but work your way through it and figure out where you draw the line. Be realistic as it will be easier to make decisions and guide your stylist if you are honest about your answers.

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